AWAshについて/About AWAsh


AWAshとは/About AWAsh




AWAsh is a personal media run by an ordinary university student from Tokushima prefecture.I write about various things, mainly about the scenery and cafes in Tokushima that I find wonderful.

I’ll introduce you to some of the things I enjoyed and the things I tasted.Also, here are some of the discoveries and places to visit while traveling.

The name “AWAsh” comes from the English word “awash” which means “overflowing with people and things”. Of course, I also made sure to match the sound of the word “awa”.

僕とブログをはじめたきっかけについて/About me and why I started my blog







Nice to meet you, I’m just a normal college student from Tokushima Prefecture, attending a university outside the prefecture. However,I have many hobbies such as photography, traveling, clothes, going to cafes, etc. I want to enjoy these hobbies as much as I can, so I decided to go to a university outside the prefecture.

But when I lived outside the prefecture, I realized that the natural landscape of Tokushima that I used to take for granted was not the same as the one I took for granted. In Tokushima, the rivers are crystal clear, the mountains are close, you can see stars everywhere and the sky is wide open. I was fascinated by the fact that there are stylish cafes and bakeries in such a beautiful natural setting.

I wanted to share the charm of Tokushima with the world, so I set up this website.

Whether you live in Tokushima Prefecture and are wondering what you’re going to do this week, or you’re thinking of going on a trip to Tokushima, or you live abroad and are interested in the Japanese countryside, I hope this will be helpful to many people.